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Directory, Database and Marketing List of Jewellers and Jewellery Shops


It is quite easy now days to start and run a thriving jewellery shop savoring good profits. There are two things you need, first is a place to buy your jewellery at great rates and then finally find willing customers who can buy the jewellery from you.

Since there is almost always ready demand for jewellery, the most arduous part often is knowing where you can buy your jewellery at low wholesale prices. But this is where an Marketing List of jewellers and jewellery shops comes in.

Database of jewellery shops provides you with comprehensive and reliable email address data which you can use to contact and get quotes from all the leading UK jewellers. Remember that you will also be provided with website addresses of the jewellery shops so you can visit their sites and learn more about the type of jewellery being sold, pricing and the various offers or promotions that are up for grabs.

This way, you can easily find the cheapest jewellery shop to purchase yours from in order to increase your profit margin when you resell. It’s really a win win situation.


Finding New Customers

An Directory, Database and Marketing List of jewellers can additionally be instrumental for people who trade in items or can provide an integral service to jewellery shops. For such people, the quickest way of increasing sales or advertising your products/services can be to buy an email mailing database.

The database mainly provides you:

Company Names

Telephone Numbers

Fax Numbers

Website addresses

Email addresses

Full Physical addresses

In addition, the list will as well provide you with top decision makers in all the jewellery shops listed. Overall, an email jewellery shop database gives you everything you need to contact jewellers across UK advertising your product or service. And due to the fact that the data is always accurate and up to date, getting an Directory, Database of jewellers and jewellery shops is the fastest way of attracting new customers to your business.


Bouncing Back Emails

The benefit of purchasing email mail mailing lists of jewellers is that they are not only cheap and economical but they also come with 100% deliverability guarantee. This means you can be certain that every last one of your emails will reach to the intended recipient.

Most websites will even go ahead to provide refunds in case of any bounced back emails. So generally, a Directory and Marketing List of jewellery shops gives you the most value for your money as you launch your marketing campaign.

Directory of Jewellery Traders

Database of Jewellery TradersEmail Marketing List of Jewellery Traders