Email List, Marketing and Mailing List of Jewellers & Jewellery Shops in the UK.

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How to benefit from an email list of jewellers and jewellery shops?

Welcome to an exciting world of information on jewellers and jewellery shops in the United Kingdom. You are just a few steps away from accessing an email list of more than  4,00 online jewellery traders – information which includes e-mail addresses

Leverage the power of email marketing

If your business dealings involve U.K. jewellery retailers, shops, jewellers and other traders, you must be looking for means to expand your customer base in the United Kingdom, boost your sales and earn more profits. Rest assured! You have entered the right site!

We take pleasure in introducing our service as the No. 1 in the United Kingdom. We provide a broad and detailed e-mail list of jewellers and jewellery shops, enabling you to get in touch with thousands of potential customers. Can you imagine the benefits of reaching out to so many new prospects? Skyrocketing sales and astounding profits!

Accurate and up-to-date addresses

Our email list includes information of more than 4,000 jewellery traders with more than 6,000 up-to-date email addresses and details of geographical locations of the businesses. In other words, ours is the only email list containing such a vast amount of accurate and current information. Our confidence is backed by all the effort that goes into the preparation of the list. Each detail is the result of careful research and constant update to ensure that the information is not obsolete. Have a glance at the “Counts per Region” page to get a better idea.

Surefire means to reach highly targeted audience

Each directory contains the business name, website address, street address, and the current email address of the jewellery trader. It also provides information indicating whether the jewellery business pertains to wholesale or retail trading and the type of jewellery involved.

Despite providing several street addresses for a jewery business, virtually all our customers prefer to contact the business via its email address rather than postal address. This is because email facilitates instant communication and is much cheaper. We guarantee that the e-mail addresses in the list will not fail you, a fact that makes our lists highly effective and absolutely cost-efficient!

E-mail Mailing list of Jewellers

Finding useful E-mail Mailing list of Jewellers can be very useful for your gems and jewel business. In this era, every business is reachable by email. This lessens business cost for contacting potential clients for sales and marketing purposes. Whether you are sending the jewelers information about the services you offer them (for sales purposes) or want to sign them up , you need to make sure the subject line is attention grabbing. Clients will disregard if your email

–          Has no appealing subject line

–          Has no informative content

–          Contains no information about your business

–          Does not give information about how Jewellery suppliers can benefit from your business

Above are some of the reasons you need to keep in mind before sending your e-mails. In addition to this, what can prove beneficial is if you divide your Marketing List of Jewellers according to the area, they belong to in the UK. By geographically dividing the email list, you will gain a fair knowledge about the different demands of the jewellers in the United Kingdom. In most cases, businesspersons do not have a lot of time in reading emails send by unknown sources. They usually skim the emails and only open the ones that have an appealing subject line. Although email-marketing strategy is a cost effective method to engage clients, it still requires your efforts to make it successful.

Just merely acquiring E-mail Mailing List of Jewellers and Jewellery suppliers does not ensure your sucess. You need to be able to engage your clients via your emails. One successful way to do this is to word them according to the clients’ needs and wants. If you are in the jewellery wholesale business, you need to be able to promote your products and services without annoying your clients. With one click, they can put your email address in spam, and you may lose your chance to contact them. 

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Email list of Jewellers Mailing list of Jewellers

List of Jewellery Stores

An Email Mailing Address List of Jewellers and Jewellery Retailers

Jewellers are persons involved in the art of making durable ornaments or small decorative items like rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces etc., using beads, corals, enamel, shells, precious metals and stones like gold, diamond, crystal and gem. They then supply them to the retailers for consumption by the consumers at a price.

It is one of the ancient economic practices and the styles jewellers use differ among cultures. In the African culture, it begun with the use of beads, corals and shells as the raw materials as opposed to the western culture where the precious stones and metals are mostly used.

The jewellers employ many methods to come up with great collection depending with the materials being used. For example if the ornament will be made out of beads, then the work will involve the assembling of beads using specific durable strings and, with the choice of style by the jewel maker.  If he will use gold of silver, obviously heating and molding will be involved.

Jewellers and Jewellery Retailers founds in the email mailing address list always work hand in hand to ensure the consumer’s need is met beyond expectation.  The value they place on each piece depends on the cost of raw material and labour with the expertise. Some pieces are more expensive than the others e.g. the ones made out of pure gold.

Jewellers and Jewellery Retailers experience high sales of their products in some specific seasons like weddings, Christmas holidays as compared to any other season each year, with the buyers being mostly women. The reason is because adult women do not feel fully dressed without the incorporation of earrings, necklaces, hair clips, bangles etc. as they wear them on the nose, neck, ankle and so on.

 Jewellers and Jewellery Retailers have outlets everywhere especially in the major cities and towns across the world. Consumers always have two choices. They can either make special orders for the jewellers to design specific pieces for them with given specifications- like the case of wedding rings or purchase from the available stock already in the market.

The Jewel market is so big worldwide and many Jewellers and Jewellery Retailers make huge profits. Everybody can afford jewellery because they are locally available at different affordable prices. Your choice depends on your affordability. There is therefore no reason for a lady not to adorn herself with beauty and style. So find the right supplier in this email mailing address list.

This culture that keeps evolving each day as new styles and designs keep emerging, something each jewel maker has a reason to smile about.

UK List Jewellers and Jewellery Retailers


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